Frequently Asked Questions

How can satellite Internet provide such fast speeds?

NOVECnet incredibly fast Internet service is made possible by the groundbreaking NOVECnet satellite by ViaSat that launched in October of 2011. With 140Gbps of capacity, this single satellite has since made satellite technology history as it offers more capacity than all other communication satellites over North America combined.
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Do faster speeds allow for faster page loading?

NOVECnet new service is nothing like the satellite Internet you've had in the past! NOVECnet lets you experience everything the Internet offers
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How is NOVECnet Internet different from other Internet services?

While NOVECnet's high capacity allows for greater speeds, NOVECnet service also has new, highly-advanced web acceleration tools to increase page load times at an incredible rate. Not only can you do more on the Internet, but you can browse more quickly too!

  • Chat with friends and family using a webcam
  • Stream videos, TV shows and movies with fewer delays
  • Browse the web and read emails at incredibly fast speeds
  • Share photos and videos
  • Download and stream music on Internet radio stations
  • Connect all multimedia within your home, including other computers, tablets, smart phones, and web-enabled TVs
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Does NOVECnet include a monthly data allowance?

Yes. Your usage is set to zero at the beginning of the monthly measurement period. If you use up your allowance in any given month we will alert you, and your service may be slowed or suspended until the end of the monthly measurement period. When the next monthly measurement period begins, usage is again set to zero and normal service will resume. NOVECnet is offered across three plans each with a different usage level. If you need more data than you currently have, it's easy to upgrade to a higher plan
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Can current WildBlue customers take advantage of the new NOVECnet service?

Yes. Current customers can easily upgrade to NOVECnet Satellite Internet via the Priority Upgrade Program. The upgrade will require a new satellite dish and modem, installed by a certified technician.
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Can customers who have WildBlue Internet remain with their current service?

Yes. Plus, we are planning new technology upgrades for you later this year as well. These changes will happen automatically as our upgrades become available.
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Who is ViaSat?

The new NOVECnet Internet service is powerd by ViaSat, a satellite industry leader. ViaSat even provides services and products to the U.S. military and the U.S. government. Please visit for more information.
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What Can You Do With 1 GB?

Plain Text Email 29,257 message
E-mail with Attachments 5,120 message
Web Surfing 3,413 pages
Digital Photos 1,024 images
YouTube Streaming 353 minutes
MP3 Music 256 downloads
Online Gaming 34 hours
Standard-definition Video

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90 minutes

Should I expect a loss of service during inclement weather like most satellite providers?

Is the service affected by weather? The service is only minimally affected by inclement weather typically only under severe conditions. You may notice slower speeds during rain and snow showers, but this normally only lasts until the rain or snow stops. Total loss of connectivity should not occur unless the storm is unusually severe.
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Can I VPN using NOVECnet?

However, the service speeds will be slower directly proportional to the layers of security required to access each customer�s network.
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What if I have large trees that impede the line of sight from my dish to the satellite?

Unfortunately, line of sight is crucial to obtaining service. If you have been turned away in the past by other satellite dealers, then service will most likely not be available without clearing the obstructions. If you are unsure if you have obstruction, we can determine if service available with an onsite evaluation.
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What is included in a standard installation?

  1. A standard installation includes mileage to and from installation location.
  2. Mounting and grounding the antenna to an outside wall, first level roof or another approved structure with HNS standard roof/wall mounting brackets, accessible with a 25 foot ladder. Wall mounts MUST NOT be mounted to surfaces, building materials, or structures that cannot support the wall mount (i.e., stucco, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, chimneys, trees or fences). Free-standing wooden posts are not authorized as pole mounts.
  3. Antennas must be mounted a minimum of 5 feet off the ground and out of reasonable reach of small children.
  4. One 100-foot exterior cable run with one point of entry through an exterior wall (sealed) and through one interior wall to an installed jack will be included in the standard install.
  5. Use of a laptop to complete directing the antenna to the satellite.
  6. Grounding the antenna from the ground block to the NEC-approved bonding point.
  7. Weather-seal appropriate cable bushings, entry points, and mounting locations.
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Will I be charged extra if the installation is non standard?

Most installs can be completed under the definition of standard installs. However, some jobs require additional hardware and labor for networking and/or installation. Any non-standard installs will be quoted prior to beginning work.
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Who do I call for technical support?

You can reach technical support 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and 365 days/year at 1-888-559-5854 for all of your tech support questions and trouble shooting.